Northeast Ohio’s Family-Owned Roofing & Siding Company


Since 2001, Gridiron Guys Construction has built themselves into a large, very reputable business, with an emphasis on outstanding work and customer satisfaction. The Gridiron Guys (GIG) Construction Company was started by Brett Lonjak.

With the wide array of business experience our team offers, we are committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Brett Lonjak

At a very young age, Brett had taken on immense amounts of responsibility. While in college at Ohio Wesleyan University, Brett worked in the summers for residential roofing contractors and in the fall for the football squad. With great determination, he started GIG with help and business experience from his father Bill Sr. Soon after, Gridiron Guys LLC was operating in full force.

Bill Lonjak Sr.

Bill Lonjak Sr. received his Bachelors degree of science in mathematics at Ohio Northern University. He worked for a number of years teaching and coaching football. In 1982 he began his own manufacturing company. His business was very successful, and after 21 years he sold the business and reluctantly decided to retire. In 2002 Bill came out of retirement and became part owner of GIG with his oldest son, Brett.

Bill Lonjak Jr.

Bill JrBill Lonjak Jr. started working for GIG while he was in high school. Bill Jr. learned the trade very quickly and became the foreman of his own crew in a short amount of time. While still helping build the family business, he went on to college at The University of Akron to obtain his Bachelors degree in Construction Engineering. Bill then made the decision to put his training and education to work, and he’s been helping the Gridiron Guys team ever since. Bill is part owner of GIG Construction.

Jeff Mohr

JeffWith the expanding business on the rise, the Gridiron Guys decided to hire Jeff Mohr, a long time family friend. Jeff spent his college summers working for the Gridiron Guys. He received a degree in Construction Management. Jeff now manages a crew and is in charge of much of Gridiron Guys roof and siding estimating.

Matt Jeffers

Matt went to Highland High School with the Gridiron Guys and known them
for most of his life. He has worked in the construction business for over 15 years.

Brian Jeffers

headshot-brianBrian is the Production Supervisor for Gridiron Guys. He has a background in finance and has also been on the labor side of various construction. He deals with scheduling, ordering materials, and is also a project manager.

Renee Polatsek

headshot-reneeRenee Polatsek is a secretary in Gridiron Guys’ office. She joined the team in March of 2014. She is no stranger to the team though, as she grew up with the owners of the company. Renee has known the Lonjaks since she was born.

Pam Polatsek

headshot-pamPam Polatsek is also a secretary at Gridiron Guys’ office. Her daughter, Renee, also works in the office. She keeps in contact with the customers and works hard to answer any questions or concerns they may have. She helps to keep things on track and running smoothly.

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With the wide array of business experience our team offers, we are committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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